My West 7th!

What is My West 7th?

This is a place for anyone to build customizable searches of resources in the West End. Perhaps you work for an organization that is always trying to tell people about their favorite restaurants. Wouldn't it be nice to simply create a search that always brings up your recommendations? Maybe you are a healthcare provider who is always trying to remember where each patient resource is located and what they offer. Why not create a search that you can show patients in the office?

What are the rules?

1. Enter your idea for a search that you want to see for a certain category of resources and enter your idea below.

2. Both you and We Are West 7th work together to contact resources to enter their data to maximize the usefulness of your search.

3. Can resources outside the West End be included? If the resource directly impacts people in the West End area, it can be a part of your search.

Have you received a request to be on a My West 7th search?

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Current examples of My West 7th!

United Family Medicine

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