What is We Are West 7th?

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Our Vision

To foster a healthy, vibrant welcoming neighborhood where all members are connected to each other and local resources. 

Our Mission

To create a vibrant connected neighborhood where we make our assets accessible to all members of our community.

Our Goals

1) Create an awareness of the assets in the neighborhood through an easy to use electronic resource.
2) Connect people with the resources and others in this vibrant, dynamic community.
3) To welcome and include all potential neighbors, especially youth who would like to participate.

Our Values

Inclusion and connections
Vibrant, dynamic and self-sustaining

How did We Are West 7th! get started?

In 2008, United Family Medicine providers partnered with community members to complete a needs assessment of the West 7th neighborhood. This project, "Healthy West 7th!", determined that identifying and coordinating local resources was a priority of the neighborhood. In 2014, community members formed "We Are West 7th!" to address this need by building this website for everyone to use and enjoy. The United Hospital Education and Research Committee and the Minnesota Academy of Family Physicians shared our vision and funded the creation of this website.

We need your help!

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